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  Q: Are you developing new different coatings for various application purposes, if yes, which ones?

    A: Yes, see the examples below:

       Nylon- Aminosilane, Epoxysilane coatings
       PP- Aminosilane
       PVC- Aminosilane, Vinylsilane
       Rubber- Vinylsilane

  Q: Are you developing your product range regarding more/ different glass spheres density and sizes? 

    A: Yes, lower density vs higher strength, smaller particle size for usage in plastics compound

  Q: What’s the testing method of true density?

    A: Gas pycnometer

  What kind of surface coatings are already existing?

    A: Generally we coat amino-silane for HK40 to HK60, methacrylate-silane for HK20 to HK37.  We can make coatings on HGS according to customers requirement.

  Q: How are you measuring the compression strength of the glass spheres?

    A: By measuring the density change under specific static pressure, then to calculate the crush rate and strength.