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HGMs used in oil well drilling


Oil well cementing is the process of placing cement in the annulus between the casing and the formation. The major objective of primary cementing is to provide zonal isolation in the wellbore of oil, gas and water wells to prevent fluids such as water or gas in one zone from oil in another zone. To achieve this objective, a hydraulic seal must be inserted between the casing and the cement, and between the cement and the formations, while at the same time preventing fluid channels in the cement sheath. This requirement makes primary cementing the most important operation performed on the well. Without complete zonal isolation in the wellbore the well may never reach its full producing potential.

To optimize the results of a cementing treatment, it is important to fully investigate the properties of slurries, preflushes and spacers to be used; and their interaction with wellbore fluids. We believe the best possible results can be achieved when the rheology, stability, thickening time, compressive strength development and fluid loss are fully evaluated.

How Cementing works?

How Cementing works?