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HGMs used in Oil & Gas



Advantages of low-density drilling fluid prepared with Hollow Glass Microsphere


Hollow Glass Microsphere is inorganic nonmetallic oxide and weakly alkaline with very stable property. It can be added into any kind of slurry without occuring any chemical reaction, which can protect the chemical stability of drilling fluid;

Because of low density and high compressive strength, Hollow Glass Microsphere is very suitable for preparing low-density drilling fluid. It is widely used in deep oil wells to keep the constant stability of the density of drilling fluid;

Round spherical shape, very good fluidity, perfect lubrication function, these characteristics of Hollow Glass Microsphere can reduce friction during drilling process, extend the service life of drill pipes and drill bits, and greatly improve drilling effect as well as drilling performance

The particle size of Hollow Glass Microsphere is compatible with the existing drilling systems and don’t need any extra equipment. Meanwhile, Hollow Glass Microsphere used in the drilling fluid can be recycled, which reduces the production costs.


Advantages of cementing slurry prepared with Hollow Glass Microsphere:

Ø  The low-density and high-strength slurry system mixed with Hollow Glass Microsphere is one of the main ways to resolve the low pressure and the loss of cementing slurry which is easy to leak.

Ø  With excellent fluidity, it is easy to mix and pump;

Ø  Inorganic components, high temperature resistance and high pressure resistance make slurry very stable.

Ø  The thickening time can be adjusted according to operation need, which is easy to handle;

Ø  water loss controllable and it helps to prevent pollution;

Ø  Very low density slurry with high compressive strength. The compressive strength can reach over 15MPa in 24h;

Ø  It can improve the quality of cementation and lengthen the life of oil wells.