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HGMs used in Modified Plastic

Application of Hollow Glass Microsphere in Modified Plastic

Hollow Glass Microsphere is a new advanced material, which is of great significance to performance upgrade of Advanced chemical materials (such as High-end polyolefins , Special synthetic rubber, engineering plastics), lightweight material strategy as well as energy saving and environmental protection. 

Compared with the conventional plastics mixed with mineral powder, modified plastic mixed with Hollow Glass Microsphere owns a series of excellent performance:

Ø  Reduce the amount of resin

Ø  Reduce VOC

Ø  Improve fire resistance and reduce the amount of smoke

Ø  Improve the processing performance of materials

Ø  Reduce shrinkage and warping, keep the dimensional ability

Ø  Improve the rigidity of the material

Ø  Prevent material cracking

Ø  Improve thermal insulation and noise reduction performance

Ø  Improve the dielectric properties

Ø  Reduce the specific gravity