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HGMs used in Sealants & Adhesives

Application of Hollow Glass Microsphere in Sealants & Adhesives

1The fluidity of Hollow Glass Microsphere is better than Irregular filler. Because of Irregular shape and large surface area, the viscosity of traditional filler is bigger in liquid flow.

2Hollow Glass Microsphere has a relatively small surface area, so it can keep relatively suitable viscosity when using large volume.

3Because of low density, Hollow Glass Microsphere can reduce weight of finished product. It can reduce the usage amount of resins, what’s more, it has high strength and can enhance finished product property.

    nReduce material spend 

        nadjust density 

        nAssure dimensional stability 

        nImprove stiffness 

        nEnhance the impact Strength

        nLow Absorb 

        nAdd Stiffness